Automotive - Starter Battery

  • Extrema: We offer a complete line of Automotive-Starter batteries for all makes and all models from small cars to big trucks

    Complete line of Automotive batteries
    Complete line of Automotive batteries

    Deep-Cycle Inverter Battery

US Battery

Looking for a deep cycle battery, start here:

  1. US 2200 XC2US 2200XC2
  2. AGM batteries: Complete line of AGM batteries
    All of our sealed AGM batteries are specifically manufactured for U.S. Battery under our stringent guidelines assuring our customers that they are being provided the highest quality Sealed Lead Acid and Spill Proof AGM battery available on the market.
    US AGM 2000
    US AGM 2000 - 6V 213 Ah AGM

    US AGM 27
    US AGM 27 - 12V 99Ah AGM

  3. Solar/Renewable Energy battery
    US RE L16 XC2 (6V, 441Ah)
    US RE L16 XC2

    Batteries designed to provide the highest peak capacity, longest cycle life, and greatest reliability for use in industrial or residential renewable energy applications. Renewable Energy Series batteries utilize the company’s exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology® to create the industry’s most efficient battery plates, delivering greater watt-hours per liter and watt-hours per kilogram than any other flooded lead-acid battery in the market.


  • ​​Defender Moss Shields: Designed to reduce mossing and sulfation conditions caused when positive active material particles dislodge from the battery plates and collect under the plate connectors.
  • Outside Positive Plates: This battery plate design mitigates the effects of positive and negative plate sulfation and further increases battery life, overall capacity, and stable performance.
  • Rugged Construction: Made with a tough polyproplyene exterior case, heavy-duty connector lugs, and nylon handles, Renewable Energy Batteries can take the rigors of use in a multitude of alternative energy storage uses.
  • SpeedCap® Venting Positive Locking System: U.S. Battery makes it easy to conduct maintenance with a removable vent system that’s easy to operate and locks in place. Optional single point watering systems and our exclusive Sense Smart Electrolyte Valve that indicates if the battery(s) need watering are also available.

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