Amalie Oil
Better than it has to be ... Since 1903

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  • Passenger Car Motor Oil
    Amalie Elixir Full Synthetic Oil: A premium, full synthetic, high performance motor oil. It is formulated for high mileage, light truck and passenger car gasoline/diesel engines. 
    • Designed to protect engines that operate under the most extreme conditions. 
    • Fortified to meet the oxidation and thermal stability needs of hot running engines. 
    • Formulated to a higher detergency level that provides outstanding performance. 
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil
    Diesel Engine Oil
  • Transmission Fluids
  • Synthetic Transmission Fluids
    • Universal Full Synthetic ATF :
      Universal Full Synthetic ATF
      Universal Full Synthetic ATF

       Amalie Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is a full synthetic automatic transmission fluid and is now reformulated with even more universal applications in modern traditional Automatic Transmissions. It is by far the most dynamic member of Amalie’s family of high performance automatic transmission fluids. It is the latest iteration of the fluid that changed the ATF market – the one premium ATF that became known for its rugged dependability, and as the inventory optimizer
    • Universal Full Synthetic CVT: 
      Amalie Full Synthetic CVT
      Amalie Full Synthetic CVT Fluid

      Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid is new technology, for a more powerful and more robust stand-alone Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid. As manufacturers began introducing the CVT into larger and more powerful vehicles; and as newer, more challenging CVT transmissions have been introduced into the marketplace, it became apparent that Amalie Oil Company had to take the bull by the horns and develop new, world-class CVT fluids that would meet all global CVT applications. The new Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid is just such a product. It has been engineered to provide “Stay-In-Grade” viscosity, excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear and extreme pressure protection
    • Unviveral Full Synthetic DCT:
      Universal Full Synthetic DCT
      Amalie Universal Full Synthetic DCT

      • Fuel economy performance by optimizing friction.
      • Industry leading anti-shudder performance.
      • Protects gears both compact and heavily loaded.
      • Smoother shifting.
      • Improved cold temperature response.
      • Excellent anti-wear protection.
      • Outstanding oxidative stability.
      • Exceptional low temperature fluidity.
      • Extended corrosion inhibition.
      • Remarkable foam resistance.
  • Gear Oil
  • Grease
  • Industrial and specialty lubricants:
  • Laboratory, on-site used oil analysis

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Amalie Oil


Amalie Oil
Amalie Oil Better than it has to be... Since 1903

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Amalie continues over 100 years of excellence with a full line of Automotive, Fleet, Industrial, and Specialty lubricants, that, since 1903, truly are...Better than they have to be! Founded in 1903, Amalie quickly developed a reputation for high-quality, well-engineered petroleum products. In 1953, Amalie was the first oil company to introduce a multi-grade motor oil: Imperial 10W30. Through the years, Amalie has continued to innovate with synthetic oils, high-TBN fleet lubricants, specialty industrial oils, and a technical services department and on-site laboratory that ensure only the highest-quality products. Amalie’s state-of-the-art main production facility in Tampa, FL boasts some of the fastest and most sophisticated bottle blow-molding, blending, and packaging equipment available. Amalie blends and packages over 3,000 different products in sizes ranging from 8-ounce plastic bottles through bulk rail transports. We ship products to every State in America and to over 100 foreign countries. In addition to our flagship Amalie line, we blend and package private label products for many of the most technically demanding customers including many international oil companies, automotive retailers, programmed distribution groups, food and drug retailers, and mass merchandisers. Our commitment to cutting-edge lubricant technology led us to advance our product testing through extreme-performance competition engines and race cars since the early 1960's. Amalie continues to earn its racing stripes on the NHRA circuit. Amalie has a large and loyal following in the racing community and the knowledge gained there benefits all of our lubricants.

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Rallye Lubricants
Rallye Lubricants ... No 1 nan tout lwil motè

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