Pulp & Paper

Whether your paper manufacturing processes are based on new or recycled materials, MIMA S.A. can help deliver products of unparalleled quality with supplies from global supplier’s right to your plant, whenever and wherever you need them. Coupled with local logistics and service, we offer a full range of paper manufacturing materials of the highest quality. All our products are sourced from industry leaders, ranging from basic paper manufacturing ingredients such as titanium dioxide to more critical products such as sizing and optical brighteners.

  1. Publishing Grades & Printing grades:
    1. Newsprint (standard, colored, improved)
    2. Offsets
      Offsets papers
  2. Packaging Grades:
    1. Greyboard
    2. Chipboard
    3. Coreboard
    4. Fluting
    5. Testliner and Kraftliner (whitetop)
    6. Duplex board and triplex board
  3. Speciality Grades:
    1. Bleached and unbleached kraft (ribbed)
    2. Bristol board
    3. Bulky bookpaper
    4. Carbonless paper
    5. Drawing paper
    6. Self adhesive
    7. Thermal paper
  4. Tissue grades:
    Hygiene grade paper
    1. Toilet tissue
    2. Napkin tissue
    3. Towel tissue
    4. Facial tissue