About Us

Coorporate Overview

Mima brings an important & well appreciated support to the Haitian industry bringing them the local availability of raw materials, lubricants & car care products of high quality at competitive prices.
We dedicate ourselves to commercialization, distribution and representation of companies in the food ingredients industry, raw materials for the chemical industry in general as well as a full range of automotive products such as lubricants, batteries, tires and more.

Company History

Founded in 1993, Mima has long been a leader in the food grade industry.
Mima prides itself in the manner it first market studies, commercializes, and finally promotes and distributes a company’s product to market.
The manner in which we market a product successfully is very calculated and tested. We take the same approach in other industries which include the detergent, cosmetics, paint, water treatment industry and more.

Company Profile & Operations

Mima’s reputation for professionalism, prompt and friendly service precedes itself.
A sales team that is second to none in customer satisfaction and product knowledge, combined with a large fleet of trucks, makes for a formidable nationwide distribution source for our suppliers and customers.
We seek long-term realtionships with both customers and suppliers based on mutual agreements distinguised by trust, and understanding.

If you are looking for a supplier of confidence or a business partner, Mima S.A is the better alternative.


A word from our founder

During the infamous embargo so unjustly imposed on our country, I had to reconsider my purpose as an entrepreneur and take on a new mission. From an assembly-line manufacturing company essentially geared toward exports to which I dedicated over twenty years, we converted our operations into what would become Mima S.A.

Mima S.A. was launched in 1993, amid the hard of the embargo,  with the mission to serve and support various sectors of the Haitian industry faced with the same challenges in meeting their needs in prime materials. We set ourselves as goal to identify the needs of the Haitian industry and be in a position to meet those needs locally, through our own transformation and manufacturing facilities.

Today, we are proud to say that we owe our success and our growth to the support of all our suppliers with whom we developed the strongest and the most durable relationship, and obviously, to the sustained loyalty of our numerous customers who continue to be our raison d’être.

As it has always been my belief, a seed planted and cared for in a spirit of altruism will sooner or later grow to become a well-rooted tree that stands firm as a true legacy to future generations.
It is in this spirit that I now hand over this mission to the younger generations, with the assurance that they will continue to serve and support the Haitian industry with the same dedication.

Raphael J. Boulos