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Personal care and beautification are inherent to our day-to-day life: from wake-up shower gels to night creams, from baby oil to anti-aging products.

We have built an outstanding reputation for providing superior, solution-oriented support to exceed the needs and expectations of our partners, and our sales representatives and technicians are renowned for their professional demeanor and expertise. We offer a comprehensive range of products and ingredients from specialty surfactants, oleo- chemicals, natural oils, preservatives, silicones and derivatives, cosmetic powders, colorants and fragrances and other specialty products. Mima S.A. serves most segments of the personal care industry with a focus on hair and skin care. We provide the technical support to help customers optimize their formulations from the standpoint of cost, appearance and performance. We cover the following segments :

Baby care

Body Wash


Hand Soap & Santitizer

Hair Styling

Shampoo & Conditionner

Skin Care