Water Treatment


Water TreatmentFiltration & Water Treatment

Rising concerns associated with water scarcity are becoming more of a significant issue across a greater number of regions, and especially in areas susceptible to drought and water shortages. Clean water is essential to life and is obtained by adequate treatment and quality filtration.

Mima S.A. has decided to focus on the water industry providing products and solutions to the manufacturers and suppliers of bottled water as well as to wastewater services (including sewage treatment) to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the economy.

Our product portfolio for the water treatment industry consists of a vast array of quality chemicals including activated carbon, coagulants & flocculants, defoamers, corrosion & scale inhibitors and biocides for the treatment of boiling and cooling water, municipal drinking water, closed loop systems and industrial waste water applications. We also carry Disinfectants and Calcium Hypochlorite 65% in different packaging.

Our technicians and sales agents reduce complexity for our customers and suppliers, responding quickly to concerns and monitoring improvements